Clark is or has been a member of the following:
National Academy of Western Art,
National Sculpture Society,
Wildlife Artists International,
Northwest Rendezvous Group, and
Society of Animal Artists

He has also received many distinguished awards for his work.

About Clark Bronson

Clark Everice Bronson began studying wildlife at an early age.  Familiarity gained through years of studious observation coupled with a love of animals and outstanding artistic skill has given his art a beautiful and intricate realism that is respected and admired by others in his profession.  Arnold Friberg once said, “Clark Bronson is the best in his field.”

In 1960, Clark began illustrating for the Utah Fish & Game Department.  By 1969 he was recognized as one of the leading wildlife painters in America.  His magazine illustrations won national honors, and with national recognition came an incredible demand for his paintings.  His art was featured on the covers of leading wildlife publications.  National calendar companies, Chevrolet, Browning Arms, Mercury Outboard Motors, and other large corporations were reproducing his work.  Rand McNally published five books using Clark’s illustrations, and collectors were buying his originals as soon as they were framed.  His work still very much sought after and highly valued as can be seen in this online auction.

Just when Clark’s career as a wildlife painter was nearing full scale, he suddenly decided to switch mediums.  Putting his brushes away, Bronson began sculpting.  With his background in painting and firsthand knowledge of nature, the transition was made quickly and easily.  With the completion of his first sculpture, it became evident that the precision and realism for which his paintings were so well known, was to take on even greater excitement and freedom in his three dimensional work as a sculptor.  Collectors began buying entire series as soon as they became available.  In less than five years, Clark’s wildlife bronze sculptures became widely collected throughout the world.  Harry Horswell of the Tryon Gallery in London said, “Clark Bronson is the greatest wildlife sculptor since the nineteenth century.”  Using both brush and clay, Clark has taken his place among the most talented and successful wildlife artists of his time.

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A limited number of these beautiful watercolor prints, painted in 1969 as a promotional for Chevrolet Motor Company, have been found recently and are being sold as “collector’s items.”  They are printed on a high-grade linen paper with an embossed border.  The detail is exquisite and Clark Bronson will sign each print you order.  You may choose from our framed selection, or, if you prefer, the double mat will fit into a 

16 X 20-inch frame of your choice.


In art circles Clark Bronson is a name synonymous with exacting proportions, fine detail and expertise.  His outstanding skill as a wildlife artist has won him the respect and admiration of others in his profession.

(Under a picture of Clark sculpting)

Whenever possible, Clark works from live models.    His proportions are near perfect and he knows animal anatomy “inside-out.”


Clark and Pauline Bronson began filming animals as a resource for Clark’s artwork in 1970.  Intrigued with the beauty of this planet and the wonders of nature, they spent more and more time filming.  Their videos will give you and your children or grandchildren a greater appreciation and understanding of all wild creatures and of our beautiful world.

Animals & Art is a montage of animals and beautiful scenery interspersed with Clark drawing, painting and sculpting.  The video is filled with animal sounds and beautiful music.  We have been told that children wear this video out and that adults show it to their friends and neighbors.  Young and old will enjoy this extraordinary footage shot in Alaska and the Canadian Rockies.

Black Bear Basics was created to help children learn more about black bears and to appreciate all wildlife.   The footage took many years to collect.  All of the birds and animals were filmed in their natural habitat and many will pull on your heart strings.

This video was an award winner at the International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana.  It won Best of Category, and Merit Awards for Presentation of Biological Information, Excellent Footage, Conservation Message, and Good Communication to a Young Audience. You and your children will love this entertaining and informative video.

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Eight of the awards Clark has been awarded
Some of Clark’s Bronze Sculpturing awards.
The National Sculture Society’s distinguished silver medal.